Sailing Duo set to Excel

With different sailors and teams already on their way to the Games, many experienced teams like the duo Blair Tuke and Peter Burling realize that the impressive record they have established will mean little as the challenges are always new and unknown when one is considering the Games.

This duo had achieved the silver medal in the 49er class when they competed in the London Games. They have also won about 27 regattas successively, which have been over the past four years as they geared up for the Games. They definitely have an impressive record as far as the contestants of this class are considered.

However, in the South American championships that were held saw them falling behind and finishing third, behind the Sottish side from Yacht Rental Scotland. They were behind a Polish duo and London Olympic gold medalists. They state that the recent regatta that they competed in Rio shows how fickle this sport can be and that nothing can be taken for granted in the Games. With several variables that work against the competitors, the duo knows that they need to be top of their preparations as they embark in the sailing competitions in Rio Games.

The duo would be reaching Rio on Sunday and their preparations for the Olympics would also be alongside commitments that they have made to the America’s Cup challenge in New Zealand. The duo has been around the world, traveling to different sailing destinations and suffering through long flights. However, they feel that the experiences have definitely added to their abilities and skills. They would be taking on with a bigger crew as well as bigger and faster boats. Hence, it also means that they had to step up their ability to adapt to the water conditions in diverse places fast. All they are banking on is their preparations for the final day.