World Cup Sailing To Japan

The World Cup Series in sailing has a single aim – help international sailors get the necessary practice and the level of competition that they would face in the Olympic Games. It helps to hone skills, develop expertise and sailors of the next level and provide a practical platform for the four year gap that exists till the next Olympics come along.

This year started off with the first leg of the Series being held in Miami. The venue was well chosen to help sailors find warmer waters to sail and utilize a time of the year when sailing remains lean in most parts of the world. The venue was Biscayne Bay area and several changes were made this year to ensure a more synchronized approach, akin to the Olympic Games. Trogir is next up on our list.

For instance, the entry quota for the different events was made similar as well as a number of events that were toned down this year. That helped the schedules to be kept easily as well as logistics and funding easily looked into.

While Miami was the first leg of the series, the sailors who participate in the subsequent legs can look forward to getting acquainted with the environment that they will face in the upcoming Olympic Games. The next one would be in Japan and getting acclimated to the weather and water conditions there are what everyone is looking forward to.

World Sailing being associated with the series, it would be getting the event schedule to Japan. This will help sailors to train up at the Olympic venue from much before. The sailors will have a distinct advantage when the series is hosted in Japan. It would also give the organization a chance to interact with Japanese media and to get acquainted with regional culture and environment. This is an effort that is being looked forward to by the sailors.