Gulf Craft’s Superyacht Coming To Sydney Show

The Sydney International Boat Show is slated to be held from the 3rd to the 7th August 2017 at the Cockle Bay Marina at Darling Harbor in Sydney.

This is a chance for many of the yacht clubs to showcase their yachts to the world. The Gulf Craft along with its Australians dealer, Australian Superyachts, will be bringing its popular yachts designed for long distance travel on to the Sydney waters. These yachts will be on display at the Sydney Show. The Gulf Craft is a business based in UAE.

The Nomad 65 and the Majesty 122 are the two yachts that will be showcased during the 50th edition of the Sydney International Boat Show. This is the very first time that the Majesty 122 will be on display. It will be showcased as the biggest ever vessel to have touched the Sydney waters and have visited the Sydney International Boat Show.

Gulf Craft has seen good success in the Australian markets and this is the reason why they are bringing these two vessels to the shores of Sydney. The products made by Gulf Craft are in great demand in the Australian continent and the sales and delivery of a number of yachts is a testimony to this fact.

The Gulf Craft CEO Erwin Bamps said that the Australian seafarers have a great knowledge and interest in boating. The company has seen an increase in the demand for many yachts and vessels. The products made by Gulf Craft are well-built and meet the safety standards.

The Majesty 122 was designed specifically for the down under market and meets the Australian Safety Authority Class 1E, 1D, and 2C Commercial Vessel Survey regulations. It is designed for great long distance family tours and vacations with spacious interiors, extended balcony, and fully loaded gallery. The Nomad 65 was a huge hit last year and this is why they have brought it down this year too.