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Volvo Ocean Race Inaugurated With A Beach Party

It is a beach and people are playing beach volleyball. There are courts, food stalls, bars, zorb balls, picnic tables, beach loungers, a stand-up-paddle boarding arena, and everyone is walking around in togs.

When you reach at the Volvo Ocean Race even venue, you will see all of this. No, it is not like you have landed in the wrong spot, but the spot has been prepared by the organizers of the event to begin the most awaited VOR.
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Rule Changes Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18

There are certain rules changes that have been implemented for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 that is about to commence this weekend. There are several new initiatives added such as incentive schemes that are new or female sailors who have been included. Bouwe Bekking talks about the changes and how it would impact the sailing race. One of the changes that are appreciated is to have two women sailors on board. Xabi Fernandez says that it does take some time to adjust to new rules and having to include women sailors on board also means looking out for talent in a different category.


Charlie Enright as a skipper of one of the boat’s, states that he is excited for the changes that have been introduced such as incentivizing teams who had women sailors on the crew. It definitely becomes a competitive advantage when such a mixed crowd comes on board for a boat’s crew.

David Witt says that they have always had women on board their crew even before the rule changes were implemented. Often boats are under powered and hence to have lighter bodies on board is always an advantage. He talks about how women sailors can take on different roles in a boat such as provide support to the navigator or provide support in the engine room. With different roles that are present on a boat, there is always need for hands and experienced women sailors on board would also increase the demand for more women professionals in this field.

Among the seven skippers who are part of the Volvo Ocean Race, Dee Caffari is the sole woman skipper on board. She states that it is good that a rule change has been made that forces women to be part of every crew of the boats participating in the race.


Gulf Craft’s Superyacht Coming To Sydney Show

The Sydney International Boat Show is slated to be held from the 3rd to the 7th August 2017 at the Cockle Bay Marina at Darling Harbor in Sydney.

This is a chance for many of the yacht clubs to showcase their yachts to the world. The Gulf Craft along with its Australians dealer, Australian Superyachts, will be bringing its popular yachts designed for long distance travel on to the Sydney waters. These yachts will be on display at the Sydney Show. The Gulf Craft is a business based in UAE.

The Nomad 65 and the Majesty 122 are the two yachts that will be showcased during the 50th edition of the Sydney International Boat Show. This is the very first time that the Majesty 122 will be on display. It will be showcased as the biggest ever vessel to have touched the Sydney waters and have visited the Sydney International Boat Show.

Gulf Craft has seen good success in the Australian markets and this is the reason why they are bringing these two vessels to the shores of Sydney. The products made by Gulf Craft are in great demand in the Australian continent and the sales and delivery of a number of yachts is a testimony to this fact. Continue Reading


Olympic Medalist Sam Meech Back Racing

The medal winner in Olympic, Sam Meech has decided to make the comeback after spending a few days out of the water.

He wanted to put one more Olympic campaign together.

In normal days when he and his father use to go on the water, he would just sit on the boat that belongs to his family and do chatting. On the other hand, most of the work on the boat is done by his father. However, now when almost a month has been passed, he has collected bronze at the Rio Olympics in the Laser class, he asked his father to let him hold the steering.

The player said, “I started missing sailing, I miss being on the water. During the training days, you remain in water and focus on performance. Because, at the end of the day, thought of the result always remains. This results in the loss of enjoyment of sailing.” Continue Reading


Vardha Does No Effect ASAF Cup

The India International Regatta the sailing tournament that was scheduled to take place in between December 15 to December 20 will go as per decided to schedule.

There will be no changes in date because of cyclone Vardah. This event is the part of the ASAF youth sailing cup of session 2016-17.  The objective of the event is to attract young talent towards sailing. Young children of age 8-18 will participate in this event. In addition to children from India; the tournament will witness the presence of sailors from other Asian countries too. Participants from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are expected to join the event.

Cyclone vardah has brought disaster for Chennai but it has not taken away the spirit of sailing to lovers and thus the championship will go as its set schedule. Another interesting part of this sailing event is a family of Mylai Prabhakar. The four member family is playing a key role in scheduling this event and managing everything. Prabhakar is a senior race officer and his wife Ammu is captain of boats, she is from the Tamil Nadu sailing association. Continue Reading


Rio Paralympic Sailing Changes

In the Rio Paralympic sailing events this year it was seen that the sailors of the Paralympic category are at par with other able bodied champions of this world competition.

After the 2016 Paralympics were concluded there is a question as to whether this category needs to be there or can it is merged with the mainstream Olympic Regatta. There are many developed nations that participated in both categories and found success. There are, however, questions being raised as to how the class mix should be for the forthcoming Olympic event in 2020. This decision needs to be made by the end of November. That is about two months away and there would be a final decision that needs to be made by 2017. Continue Reading


Microsoft’s Paul Allen is battling claims that his yacht completely finished the Cayman Islands coral reef

Paul Allen, the Microsoft billionaire, is fighting allegations by Cayman Islands that his yacht, the three-hundred-foot MV Tatoosh, destroyed fourteen-thousand square feet of coral reef when anchored off of Grand Cayman earlier in January.
The Cayman Islands Department of the Environment said that the dragging anchor chain of the yacht did all the damages, hitting up to 80 percent of the coral in the region. But Paul does not agree regarding the magnitude of his obligation. There were differences of plans between plans the Department of the Environment and Allen about restoring the coral.
In a statement, unveiled by the company – Vulcan Inc, Allen as well as his spokespeople note that they have employed coral restoration experts to deal with the situation, as well as submitted a redressal plan to the local government at the beginning this month.

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