Microsoft’s Paul Allen is battling claims that his yacht completely finished the Cayman Islands coral reef

Paul Allen, the Microsoft billionaire, is fighting allegations by Cayman Islands that his yacht, the three-hundred-foot MV Tatoosh, destroyed fourteen-thousand square feet of coral reef when anchored off of Grand Cayman earlier in January.
The Cayman Islands Department of the Environment said that the dragging anchor chain of the yacht did all the damages, hitting up to 80 percent of the coral in the region. But Paul does not agree regarding the magnitude of his obligation. There were differences of plans between plans the Department of the Environment and Allen about restoring the coral.
In a statement, unveiled by the company – Vulcan Inc, Allen as well as his spokespeople note that they have employed coral restoration experts to deal with the situation, as well as submitted a redressal plan to the local government at the beginning this month.

The statement said that they took this step even though extensive past and recent damage to this same reef, as a result of other incidents that were not remediated, makes it tough to determine what, if any, actual damage was caused by the Tatoosh. The team of Allen contends that Tatoosh was wharfed of a popular dive place in a spot explicitly directed by the local Port Authority explicitly. Upon learning of potential anchor chain issues, the crew relocated the yacht – but not, according to the government, before the harm was done.