Olympic Medalist Sam Meech Back Racing

The medal winner in Olympic, Sam Meech has decided to make the comeback after spending a few days out of the water.

He wanted to put one more Olympic campaign together.

In normal days when he and his father use to go on the water, he would just sit on the boat that belongs to his family and do chatting. On the other hand, most of the work on the boat is done by his father. However, now when almost a month has been passed, he has collected bronze at the Rio Olympics in the Laser class, he asked his father to let him hold the steering.

The player said, “I started missing sailing, I miss being on the water. During the training days, you remain in water and focus on performance. Because, at the end of the day, thought of the result always remains. This results in the loss of enjoyment of sailing.”

“Before the Olympic, I didn’t give any thought to the idea whether will continue sailing or will leave it. Now, I am back home and I will recollect everything to make the decision.”

This World Cup regatta of the week in Hyeres, this will be marks the first competition of Meech back in the Laser after Rio. Also, this will be the beginning of his preparation for important and major events of the year 2017.

However, from this match, Meech’s expectations are not too high, as he has gone through knee surgery in December and he has not started training and practices because of ongoing issues until the end of the February 2017.

Meech said upon his participation in the event, “It is nice being back in the boat. Though, I have no expectations as I have been on the break of five months. I have never been on off for more than three weeks”.