Vardha Does No Effect ASAF Cup

The India International Regatta the sailing tournament that was scheduled to take place in between December 15 to December 20 will go as per decided to schedule.

There will be no changes in date because of cyclone Vardah. This event is the part of the ASAF youth sailing cup of session 2016-17.  The objective of the event is to attract young talent towards sailing. Young children of age 8-18 will participate in this event. In addition to children from India; the tournament will witness the presence of sailors from other Asian countries too. Participants from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are expected to join the event.

Cyclone vardah has brought disaster for Chennai but it has not taken away the spirit of sailing to lovers and thus the championship will go as its set schedule. Another interesting part of this sailing event is a family of Mylai Prabhakar. The four member family is playing a key role in scheduling this event and managing everything. Prabhakar is a senior race officer and his wife Ammu is captain of boats, she is from the Tamil Nadu sailing association.

Prabhakar elder son Praveen is a young sailor and he will be the course race officer in the event. However, his sailing schedule is tight as he has to compete in another sailing event that is going to take place in this month only in Mumbai.  The younger son of Prabhakar too is participating in the event as a sailor.

Sharing his and his entire family’s love for sailing; Prabhakar said, “While returning from one of my travels I saw some small boats sailing in a ship. This made me curious about the game. After looking an advertisement of sailing camp in year 2006, I enrolled my first son in it. And from then sailing became the part of our life.”