Volvo Ocean Race Inaugurated With A Beach Party

It is a beach and people are playing beach volleyball. There are courts, food stalls, bars, zorb balls, picnic tables, beach loungers, a stand-up-paddle boarding arena, and everyone is walking around in togs.

When you reach at the Volvo Ocean Race even venue, you will see all of this. No, it is not like you have landed in the wrong spot, but the spot has been prepared by the organizers of the event to begin the most awaited VOR.

The VOR started with a beach party and here the village was set up for partying, not sailing. And, if someone wants to see the boats, they have to take a hike over the breakwater.

No matter what the race result would be, there is going to be one hell of a party on the Netherlands coast.

After sailing around the world for 253 days, the organizers of the event have created the perfect haven for teams that are going to take part in the championship.

One of sailor came to participate in the event said, ”This is really wonderful. We were not expecting this, every time we participate in the event, we directly start with the race. This party will give us some relaxing time, however, we know the team does not have to lose its focus.”

As far as the preparation and planning for the event is a concern, it seems perfect at the time. The organizers have made everything well planned and executed. They arrange for accommodation for sailors, practice area and other things are done, though some finish work still needs to be completed.

Numbers of sailors from all across the world have already arrived at the venue and they are all ready to show their sailing skill during the event.